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Jeghier Architect


A special thank you to Pak Komang Suardika from Jeghier Architect for designing our cozy and wonderfully efficient hotel.

Komang Suardika is a modernist architect in Indonesia with many years experience. He took his degree in architecture in 1996 from the University of Udayana, Bali, and is currently Director of PT. Jeghier Architect Indonesia and principal Architectural designer. The Balinese Architect Komang Suardika brave spatial planning results in unique living.

Pak Komang Suardika is an acclaimed architect and is celebrated throughout Bali and the World for his excellent works. He has designed The Green Zhurga suites with you in mind, so whenever you choose The Green Zhurga suites you may be sure that you will experience nothing less than the best treatment a hotel can offer you.

Because you are in paradise, and The Green Zhurga is nothing less than a personalised haven for you.