Keynote Speaker UAP-United Architects of The Philippines

"Filipino Architects in a Rapidly Evolving World" for : Bali Traditional Approach and Balinese Culture in Translation into Creative designs, Metro Manila Philippines, 20 – 23 April 2016.

Bali Traditional Approach and Balinese Culture In translation into a Creative Designs.

Bali is an exotic wonderful island and beyond this Bali has its typical standard architecture design, which has been created before the 11th century.  Procedures and the Balinese standard design called “Asta Kosala Kosali” and Balinese architects who conducted this work called “Undagi”. Some of the important aspects in Balinese architecture consist of maintaining harmony and balancing between macro and micro natural relations, keep the harmony between humans, humans and nature, also humans with God. These aspects also inspired the architects who construct their Balinese design.

Based on experiences, we could create simple or complicated design depending on how ideas gathered into one whole design. Thus, Jeghier present some examples according to what He has done in designing in the past 12 years.

As a Balinese man who was born and studied architecture in Bali, lots of thing that can be adopted from Balinese daily activities, Balinese art, also building concepts which based on “Asta Kosala Kosali” (a way of structuring land to shelter and sacred building) that used measurement which derived from body size not a ruler dimension.
Many little things in our daily life can be an inspiration in designing and they are translated into certain design concept. A simple idea sometimes can win a competition in a project.