Indonesian Architect Delegation for Marmomacc Conference, Verona-Italy

Komang Jeghier is one of 2 selected Balinese Architect, as an Indonesian Delegations on MARMOMACC CONFERENCE about Stone Developments and Technology, at Verona, Italy, September 26th, 2015.
What we got to know at this conference such as :


  • Stone trade fairs worldwide
  • Fairs for Architecture/Construction
  • Fairs for Design/Interior-Design/ Lifestyles
  • Stone Sculpture Symposia / Festivals


  • Architecture with natural stone
  • Design with natural stone
  • Reports from Stone Trade Fairs
  • Markets: Selling Stone
  • Marketing
  • Art: Sculpting with Marble etc
  • Briefly noted
  • Stone Stories
  • People and Jobs
  • Stone Galler